15 May 2012
Elegant Themes
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ElegantThemes MyProduct WordPress Theme

ElegantThemes never stops at creating impressive and delightful WordPress themes despite already having more than 100,000 satisfied customers under their belt. One reason why the team behind ElegantThemes continues to improve and come up with themes is because customers who have signed up to become members will be entitled to receive the new themes that ElegantThemes creates. As such, the team wants their customers to continue receiving the perks as members, and continue to receive the best products from ElegantThemes!

MyProduct Theme

ElegantThemes has once again come up with a great-looking and easy-to-use theme. As the name suggests, the MyProduct WordPress theme is perfect if you’ve set up a blog or website especially to promote a product or service. This theme has a very corporate and formal feel, so If you own an e-commerce business or a large organization, you can use this theme and let your customers know that you indeed mean business.

If I had a product or service to sell, I would use the MyProduct theme too. Why? The following are some of the reasons why I would choose this theme.

  1. Unconventional image slider

    On almost every website you have come across which has an image slider, the slider is almost definitely at the top in the middle.

    However, in the MyProduct theme, the slider is on the right on the top. I don’t know what exactly it is that fascinates me but I must say that this is simply unique from the tonnes of other websites out there. Your site visitors will also be able to read the introduction or description in your header since the images will not block them.

  2. Different-from-the-rest layout

    The layout and design of the theme is not like any other. For instance, most websites have their menu for you to click on at the top but MyProduct’s menu is arranged in a tab-like design. As such, it is easy to toggle between the pages.

    Not only that, each blog post is accompanied with a snippet and a photograph, which readers can click on “Read more” to continue reading the entire post. This is a great way to give visitors a summary of the blogs’ posts and get them intrigued to click and read further!

  3. Compatibility with browsers

    You would think that theme designers would have thought of the various Internet browsers in the world when they come up with a theme, but unfortunately there are still themes out there which, you would find out upon purchasing, are incompatible for use with certain browsers.

    The MyProduct theme works on lesser-used browsers too such as Safari and Netscape, even three versions of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7 and IE8), so you needn’t worry if your visitors had arrived on your site on those browsers and found your website looking strange.

  4. Advertisement-ready

    If you have always monetized your blog, you’d be happy to know that the MyProduct theme is ready for you to place advertisements on your blog. As for those who are new to advertisements, why not make money from placing ads on your website? After all, the theme is all ready for you to do so easily. You’ll just need to make some simple one-off settings and then sit back and wait for your ads to earn you money!

  5. Optional blog-style structure

    Maybe as times change, you will want to portray your company in a different, lighter light. Maybe it’s a change in organization or maybe you’ve taken on other products/services which cater to a different market.

    As such, you might want to change the feel of your website to one that is blog-style like. You’d never know when a blog-style structure will come in handy, but you know that should you need it one day, it is already there for you in the MyProduct theme.

These are just some of my favorite features. Of course there are more that gives you even more reason to purchase the theme, such as widget-ready sidebars, custom thumbnail images, theme options page, smooth tables design and threaded comments.

How to Buy this Theme?

If you are as impressed as I am about the theme, the next thing to do is to buy it. There are two purchase options:

  • Buy just the MyProduct theme at $19, or
  • Be a member for $69 and receive the entire collection of 87 themes from ElegantThemes

Unlimited themes

Even if you are bad at maths, you’d know that the 2nd option is more value for money. You may argue that you don’t need 87 themes or that you are contented enough with the MyProduct theme. But how do you know years and months down the line that you’d still want to use the MyProduct theme? Times have changed and your website most likely will too. Even if you end up using just another theme, you would have gotten your money’s worth already!


It isn’t just the 87 themes that you would be getting by signing up as a member. Your themes will always be WordPress-compatible (WordPress constantly updates their version and some themes, if not updated, will be incompatible with these latest versions), you will be part of the member community that shares and exchange tips and advice as well as receive 2-3 new themes that ElegantThemes has developed each month!

Now, don’t you think that being a member is SO worth it?

$69 for all 87 themes!

Unlimited access

A great product/service marketing theme with various features and functions added, along with 87+ and counting more themes, all for an unbeatable price of $69 (or $19 if you just want a single theme) – that is really an offer not to be missed. So if you are keen to promote your items on the web, make MyProduct your choice of theme.

Preview MyProduct Theme

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