19 January 2012
Elegant Themes
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Elegant Themes Review – Notebook Responsive Theme

I am very excited with the latest theme from Elegant Themes. It is another interesting theme and just like a few themes before, has a little twist. You see, this premium Notebook WordPress theme is very much designed for multimedia-rich websites but unlike majority of multimedia themes around, it is not all about high tech kind of look and feel.

Notebook resposive theme

HTML5 and CSS3 animations

On one hand, the Notebook does incorporate HTML5 and CSS3 animations and thus gives your visitors an awesome first (and second and third etc) impression of your website with all the exciting effects. But at the same time, it is designed to look like well, a notebook, hence the name! It does not have the very sleek and no-nonsense design that you often see associated with many of the multimedia themes out there. Instead, it is a playful take on how a simple notebook (the book and not the computer) can be transformed into a multimedia platform.

Responsive WordPress Theme

Truly a masterpiece. And I bet your visitors will love the fun and excitement that the animations promised. Regardless of whether you are viewing on your computer or even on mobile phones, it will automatically resize to fit the your browser’s screen as it is a fully responsive theme as well.

Features of this Theme

So who is most likely to find this theme suitable? Well, I tend to think that personal bloggers would love this theme to bits and so will some e-commerce sites which prefer to give their visitors a more engaging experience. Let’s have a quick look around at what the Notebook theme has to offer and you will be able to understand why I say so.


As mentioned before, the Notebook theme uses advanced CSS3 to produce the fun style and layout. I absolutely love the mouseover effect on each post on the homepage. For example, audio files look like a disc and when mouseover, shows a moving disc while videos have a play button and when mouseover, has a slow motion video-like movement.

Post Formats

Notebook uses the WordPress post format and as such, enables its users to easily and effortlessly publish articles and upload photos, audio and video files. It’s great for random postings and if you have lots of different information to share with your readers. It also comes with different ready-made page templates which makes it easy for us to change our website’s layout.

Unlimited Color Scheme

Great news, the color control panel is back with the Notebook theme! This is a lovely feature and helps make customization of the page layout so much simpler and quicker, without the need to have the necessary technical knowledge. You can change the background colors and textures as well as the fonts. Very flexible indeed.

Now, isn’t that something that would spice up any website? In this world, I for one, certainly think that we need more cheerful websites and less of the very serious ones. While I do understand that some topics require a more professional layout, I also do feel that a website would attract more traffic if it was a little more fun. After all, it’s about the surfing experience as well as the information gathered from the website right? Why not take a tour of the Notebook’s preview and judge for yourself?

Is this a Good WordPress Theme?

Yes, I like this premium WordPress theme very much. I think this is a great theme!

Anyway, that said, let’s have a look at what you are forking out for this premium theme. Like mentioned before in previous Elegant Theme reviews, it is only $69 per year and in return you get ALL of Elegant Themes’ themes. Yes, including all the previous ones before this, the current theme Notebook and the future ones too, as long as you remain a subscriber. In case you are wondering, there are more than 87 themes at the moment and Elegant Themes is committed to release 2 – 3 themes per month!

Unlimited access

Some ask whether you can still keep the themes that you have downloaded even after you had terminated your membership… Well, yes, you are welcome to keep them! The only drawback if you are not a member is that you would not have access to customer support and updates. Elegant Themes do constantly release updates for their themes every time there’s an update in WordPress. And their support forum is one that is really helpful. So you see, there are not really any reasons for not signing up!

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