1 September 2011
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Be a Chameleon and Change Your Website Color

It is amazing what a mere $69 can do for you and your WordPress website with these WordPress themes. As unbelievable as it sounds, you would get unlimited access to dozens of stunning and feature-rich WordPress themes when you sign up with Elegant Themes. Of all the themes made available to you, the Chameleon theme is one of the most exciting. It is unlike any other themes available in other theme galleries as it offers many interesting fonts, colors and pattern combinations for you to mix and match should you get bored with a particular combo!

Chameleon WordPress Theme

Why the name “Chameleon“? The chameleon is an exotic and unique animal that is able to change its colour according to its surroundings. Elegant Theme gave this theme the most apt name as the Chameleon theme allows you to change colours (of your website and blog) just like the chameleon.

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You’ll have the freedom to pair the colours and patterns of your website, resulting in endless combinations that will revamp and revitalise the way your website looks. The Chameleon theme was designed with the intention to deliver a professional and simple theme with loads of customization options. One doesn’t need to have any web development experience to utilize and customise the theme.

This WordPress theme has one of the most comprehensive lists of features, namely:

  • Custom thumbnail images
  • Firefox compatible
  • Unlimited colour schemes
  • Theme options page
  • Gravatar ready
  • WordPress 3.0 compatible
  • Smooth tabless design
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Optional blog-style structure
  • Safari compatible
  • Valid XHTML+CSS
  • Advertisement ready
  • Threaded comments
  • Netscape compatible
  • PSD files
  • IE8+IE7+IE6 compatible
  • Gallery section
  • Opera compatible

There are six basic features made available to the users of the Chameleon theme. Let’s briefly look at the below.

  • Dozens of fonts

    The variety of font options available allows you to adjust the look of the header and body text wherever and whenever you want to.

  • Unlimited color schemes

    The unlimited colour schemes come with various background textures and background and font colours, giving you an unlimited number of possibilities of how your website can look like.

  • Easy advertising management

    Through the advertising management feature, your advertisements will be handled from within the WordPress dashboard and this option can be turned on and off at any time.

  • Optional blog-style structure

    Meanwhile, the optional blog-style structure allows you to run the theme like a normal blog even though the theme was initially created with the intention to be a CMS with a page-based structure.

  • Automated thumbnail resizing

    The automated thumbnail resizing feature automatically resizes your thumbnail images so that you would only need to prepare one thumbnail image per post.

  • Alternate slider layouts

    The alternate slider layouts enable you to choose between three different homepage slider styles. You can also easily switch between each of these styles via the ePanel Theme Options.

WordPress theme thumbnails

On the other hand, there are also five advanced features available in all Elegant Themes (including the Chameleon Theme). These are detailed below.

  • Shortcodes collection

    The shortcodes collection allows you to design and organize your posts much easily while at the same time improving the variety and functionality of your contents.

  • Page templates

    Each page of your website can now have a different look, thanks to the page templates which can be applied to create new and unique forms of content. This way, your site visitors are greeted by varied appearances as they navigate through your site.

  • ePanel theme options

    The ePanel theme options give you complete control over your theme and its settings. You can adjust your settings at any time without having to rely on a technical team to attend to you.

  • Support and updates

    You are assured that the themes you have purchased will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Additional expenses aren’t required to upgrade your subscription or purchase more themes. If at any time you require assistance, you will have around-the-clock assistance by the tech support team.

  • Complete localization

    With their international clients in mind, Elegant Themes has implemented complete localization which enables you to translate the design without having to look through the theme’s PHP files just to change a word.

I strongly recommend Elegant Theme if you are looking for great looking yet features rich WordPress themes. If you’re still not fully convinced, why not sign up anyway, for you haven’t got anything to lose with their 30-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with any of the features they offer, you can simply arrange for a refund.

Since Elegant Themes provides the most affordable themes on the web, you won’t just be purchasing files; you will be a member of the Elegant Themes community where you can download themes, manage your account details, view your theme changelog history and gain access to Elegant Themes support and theme documentation. This gives you an even more solid reason to make the Chameleon your choice for your next WordPress website!

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